This raises a question I have had ever since joining the ARSCLIST. Is there a digest version? The message below implies that there is, but I find no mention of it in the ARSC web page instructions for subscribing.
I would really prefer a digest. Many of the threads generate numerous postings, but have no particular interest to me and I wouldn't mind just getting a daily dose rather than having my workflow disrupted by getting alerted 10 times a day that "You have a new message". I know, this is minor on the scale of annoyances, but can anyone help me with this matter?
Thanks in advance,
Peter Hirsch
Head Archivist, Music & Sound Recordings
Wilson Processing Project
The New York Public LIbrary

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Date: 01/16/2003 03:36PM
Subject: digest, no messages

I subscribed to the DIGEST option hoping that I would NOT receive numerous
individual e-mail messages -- is there any way I could receive JUST the
Digest on a daily basis?

Jane Dalrymple-Hollo