We have an Otari 50-50 which has an extra head for 1/4 track  playback and runs at 
3 3/4 or 7 1/2

A good search on ebay will turn up a number of possibilities. In the CSO we had a Technics which needed servicing. I have collected a number of old consumer machines over the years, all of which have problems, but someone gave me a Tandberg 10XD which I can use if I need to. If I have to transfer something at 1 7/8, I can record it at 3 3/4 and change the speed in the computer (I use Dart Pro98 for this). 
You can also record both sides of a two-sided tape in one pass, and reverse the backwards side in software. 

Matt  Sohn
Audio Preservationist
Louis Armstrong House and Archives

  The Technics RS-1500 decks will do 3-3/4 and they have a switch able headstack that will play/rec half track tapes and play only 1/4" track consumer type tapes.
   These are great decks, they have an Iso-loop tape transport system and there very reliable. Not the easiest to use or setup however.


  Akai made one machine that would hold 10" reels and would play at 1-7/8" these are very hard to find.


   Im not sure the Sony APR-5003 decks will do 3-3/4" but I would imagine they would, some studer decks will, and most Sony consumer types will.


  Dave Meyers