Hello, I'm hoping that one of these email addresses is still valid.  I saw your workshop ad on the web (3 years old).  I'm the director of a small museum which houses cylinder records.  We have them currently stored in acid free containers.  My co-worker wants to create a storage system which includes putting the cylinders in the old cylinder cases - we have a number of those also.  The felt-like linings have spotty discoloration that look like mold.  (Many of the records are also moldy.)  I am reluctant to do this, but agree with him that the records are more protected in the coverings designed for them.  How do you store your collection, and what do you suggest for us?
Also, how can we determine of any of our recordings are rare - as opposed to very common?
We have questions about cleaning and preserving also.
Can you advise us?
Cathy Evans, Director
John Rivers Communications Museum
Charleston, SC