Dear Arsclist,
First of all, let me say, that I love this group and find that most of the areas of discussion are very relevant to my life and work as a veteran filmmaker.  Thank you all.

15 years ago, I produced a television special called Jimmy Doolittle: An American Hero, for PBS.  I own all the rights.  I now want to transfer the sound which was recorded at 7 1/2 ips and 15 ips on a NagraS machine- a stereo Nagra. I need to transfer the sound to protect the audiotapes (non-sych) and don't know what kind of tape recorder of I should be looking for on eBay that would allow me the ability to transfer the tracks since the tapes were recorded on both sides.

Does anyone have any advice on this that could help me?

Best regards to all, and thank you,
David Hoffman
PS- I still use my mono Nagra! 4.2