For the record, I agree absolutely with Peter's analysis and
recommendations in each case.

Best regards

John Clews

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> Some comments on requests other than Kalmyk:
> Udmurt, Adygei, Kabardian, Ingush, Dargwa, Crimean Tatar, Nogai:
> Ethnologue lists these as individual languages, hence we would
> consider them to be appropriate for encoding as a distinct,
> individual languages.
> Mordvin: Our position is to concur with Michael: there are two
> distinct languages: Moksha and Erzya. The alternative would be to
> encode a collective identifier for "Mordvinic languages", but we
> received outside input (via Havard) discouraging the idea of doing
> just that alone. Our recommendation would be to encode two individual
> languages; encoding of a collective could be considered later if
> there is such a user request.
> Karachay-Balkar: Michael mentioned two alphabets. The research behind
> the Ethnologue has not thus far (that I know of) demonstrated that
> there are two distinct languages. Our recommendation would be to
> encode as a single language at this time.
> Altai: We would recommend encoding "Southern Altai".
> - Peter

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