At 22:35 +0100 2003-01-11, Havard Hjulstad wrote:

>Fine, Michael; you don't think we need more alpha-2 identifiers.

Why would we?

>Then we know where you stand whenever this issue comes up. However,
>others have a different opinion, and alpha-2 identifiers are (still)
>being requested. The JAC will consider and vote on alpha-2
>identifiers also in the future, and
>this type of argument is of very little use for the JAC.

Why not generate a list of all the remaining two letter codes, pick
big languages from the Ethnologue, get everything assigned and be
done with it? This whole continuing deal where we have more than one
set of codes, two-letter, three-letter-A, three-letter-B, and then
the forthcoming variable-letter-but-fixed-with-Ethnologue, is just
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