Yes Michael. Your comments have been very useful. I intended "There has not
been very much discussion, except about Kalmyk" to mean that there has been
some (but not much) discussion about the other items, and much discussion
about Kalmyk. Sorry for any confusion.


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At 13:05 +0100 2003-01-06, Håvard Hjulstad wrote:
>To JAC members, (cc to Susan Summer)
>On 2002-10-30 I sent out a number of messages relating to requests from
>Susan Summer to register alpha-3 identifiers for the following languages:
>Mordvin, Udmurt, Adygei, Kabardian, Ingush, Dargwa, Karachay-Balkar,
>Tatar, Nogai, Altai, and Kalmyk.
>There has not been very much discussion, except about Kalmyk, and in

I sent a lot of comments, didn't I?
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