Michael Everson 12. januar 2003 00:52 --

>Why not generate a list of all the remaining two letter codes, pick
>big languages from the Ethnologue, get everything assigned and be
>done with it? This whole continuing deal where we have more than one
>set of codes, two-letter, three-letter-A, three-letter-B, and then
>the forthcoming variable-letter-but-fixed-with-Ethnologue, is just

(1) You have expressed your opinion about alpha-2 identifiers, Michael.
Good. However, it is ISO/TC37/SC2 that "owns" ISO 639-1, not the JAC. That
discussion should be done on the level of ISO/TC37/SC2.

(2) The discussion thread "New 639 language - Haitian Creole - DISCUSSION"
is intended to be about Haitian. On the "open 639 list" I don't at all mind
having I-hate-alpha-2-identifiers discussions. On the JAC list I ask the
members to discuss Haitian under this thread.

Håvard Hjulstad