I might not have been clear enough in my previous message:

I haven't activated the domain at all, and I don't plan to do
so on my own. The main purpose of buying the domain was to avoid a
"competing" ISO639 domain, although I realize that we can still get that,
given that,, and have been bought by
someone else.

I will most certainly not establish an information resource that intends to
compete with the LoC site. However, the LoC site has a rather cryptic
address, and it isn't always very practical to give out that address (you
don't expect people to remember, while is very much more suitable in that respect).

As you all know, ISO/TC37/SC2 is planning (working with) new parts of ISO
639. We might see drafts of ISO 639-3 and ISO 639-4 during this year. It is
no problem that information relating to all these parts and activities are
residing on different web servers, but I do find it potentially useful to
have a common portal to all this information.

In case one should agree on it, it would also not at all be any problem for
different organizations to upload information to a possible
site. Most of my web sites are residing on different computers in the US.
Geography is no issue here.

To summarize: I am NOT planning to make an ISO 639 web site on my own,
competing with other sites. I have just secured a domain name, and I am
asking: Do we wish to use that domain for something?

Best regards,

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