Dear colleagues,

I have now sent off 11 proposed ballots to Infoterm, who will circulate them
on the JACVOTE list shortly. All ballots are for alpha-3 identifiers only.
The ballots are based on the original submissions, input from JAC members
and other experts, as well as my own "investigations".

A couple of languages lack indigenous name on the ballots, as I have not
been able to find any source for them. Even though the alpha-3 list so far
has been published without indigenous names, I think that we need to include
them in the database if at all possible. Contributions are most welcome.

The French names may need closer looks in some cases. Please check, and vote
negative if there are errors; that way we can sort out that in an extra

The ballot form for Kalmyk-Oirat (or whatever) has not been prepared yet.
The discussion stopped in the beginning of December without a very clear
conclusion. Any further input?

Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad

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