Mirriring is very simple. Basically it is moving copies of a document to
different sites. Nothing needs to be done with the "original", except
POSSIBLY modifying some links (normally it is done in a way that does not
require such changes).

HOWEVER, we might not need to mirror at all, as long as we have the right
links. It doesn't matter that one page is in location A, the next in B, the
next in C, the next back in A. This approach would only require a one-time
modification of (some of) the LoC pages: one link "to ISO 639 portal page".

It is all very simple from a technical point of view, and the users hardly
see the difference.


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I guess I'd need to see how the mirroring works, since I'm having a hard
time understanding how it will work at the moment (or maybe it's just
too late in the day).


On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Peter Constable wrote:

> On 01/15/2003 09:39:45 AM John Clews wrote:
> >Any further thoughts, anybody?
> I agree with Havard's comment that the current long URL,
>'s/impossible/to/remember/let/alone/guess is
> not a good situation. I have no problem with LOC managing the content; I
> also don't care whether they host the site, or Keld or whomever. But it
> would be very beneficial to have as an entry point.
> Rebecca mentioned concern over links currently pointing to the existing
> location. That's not a serious obstacle, I don't think. The content could
> be mirrored to appear at two locations, or the site could be moved to the
> new location and a redirector set at the old URL (surely that doesn't
> users these days). We could simply have the new domain host a page with
> minimal info, basically links to the existing site, though I think that
> would be less preferable. Mirroring would be better than that, IMO.
> - Peter
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