First of all, if the Udmurts do not prefer the designation Votyak, it is their
choice and we have to respect their preference.
As to the "old French term from 1952", I'd like to make a small precision. I
agree on the age of the source and I don't feel quite at ease to quote it
precisely because of this fact, however I don't like to argue about its value
either. But this is not the point.
Yet I'm afraid the term "votyak" (with script variants "vot'ak","votiak" etc...)
is still in use by the liguists. I proceeded to other researches and found it
refered to in studies on turkic languages as eg: "The turkic languages and
peoples: an introduction to turkic studies / Karl H. Menges.- Wiesbaden :
Harrassowitz, 1995" published by Societas uralo-altaica, as well as in other
publications, notably in french, german, romanian publications. The language is
equally refered to as "votiak" in the"Répertoire des vedettes matière" of
Bibliothèque Nationale de France and in the "Répertoire des vedettes matière" of
Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval in Canada. Naturally other "see reference
tracings" for udmurt, oudmourte, wotjak are also recorded in these two French
subject heading lists.
As far as I could understand, I suppose that votiak is still used in linguistic
studies (though perhaps not so widely) as a desigantion for the language than as
a desigantion for the people speaking this language.

Nevertheles if this designation is not prefered by the udmurts, their preference
counts for more than any other linguistic argument. So, finally I agree to
retain "oudmourte" as French name.

best regards

Michael Everson <[log in to unmask]> le 29/01/2003 17:41:25

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