That has already been done; I hope you have all received it.


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Perhaps these comments should be sent to the ISOJAC list so that some of
our experts may respond. Does anyone object to that?


On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Anila Angjeli wrote:

> ISO 639 Ballot -- New item: Southern Altai
> Submitted by (your name, please): Anila Angjeli
> (A) -- Inclusion:
> (1)
> ___  I am in favour of including the individual language "Southern Altai"
> 639-2 (alpha-3 code)
> _X_  I am opposed to including the individual language "Southern Altai" in
> 639-2 (alpha-3 code)
> Comment :
> I'm presenting here the pont of view of "Les langues du monde" (I have
> quoted) about Altaï :
> >From the classification point of view  it considers the Altaic groupe as
part of
> the turkish languages
> These languages (with dialectical variants) are spoken in the territories
> previously  known as autonomous territoy of Oyrates.
> Two major branches are to be distinguished according to the geographical
> situation of the peoples speaking these languages : that of the languages
> in the Southern Regions of the territory and the other one comprising
> (and dialects) spoken by the people of the Northern Regions.
> In the Southern Region one distinguishes :
> - The "Altaï" itself  [i with diaeresis], indigenous name "Altay-kizi"[z
> caron] called "Oyrat" or "Oyröt" or "White Kalmouks" or " Mountain
Kalmouks" by
> the russians ( in russian  "gorniye")
> - The Teletout" or "Telenget" (with slight differencies between them).
> In the Northern Region of the Altaï groupe it distinguishes :
> the Koumand
> the Tatar cern'eviye - (russian name) or Yis-kizi
> the Sor
> theTatar tomsko-kuzn'etkiye.
> I find that the analysis given about Altaï as one of the languages
> spoken in the Southern Region of the Altai Groupe clarifies the
> interest of the requester "in the southern version of Altai as a
> separate language" and the appelation " Gorno-Altaisk" which obviously
> stands for "Altaï of the mountains". That is why I consider it more
> advisable to include Altaï (and not spécifically Southern Altäi) in
> the standard.
> (B) -- Identifier:
> (Please vote even if you are opposed to the inclusion of the item)
> (2)
> __  I accept the alpha-3 identifier "alt" for Southern Altai (if to be
> included)
> _X_  I do not accept the identifier "alt" -- Comment:
> Following the above reasoning I shoud rather accept the identifier "alt"
> Altai (and not for Southern Altai)
> (C) -- Language names:
> (3)
> ___  I accept the English name "Southern Altai" (if to be included)
> _X_  I do not accept the English name "Southern Altai" -- Comment:
> For the same reasons I suggest the English name: "Altai" and not "Southern
> Altai"
> (4)
> __  I accept the French name "altaï du Sud" (if to be included)
> _X_  I do not accept the French name "altaï du Sud" -- Comment:
> I suggest the French name "altaï" and not "altaï du sud"