Network Bulletin No. 03-01

Date:  January 17, 2003

Subject:       Certification and eligibility

Index term:    NLS application form for individuals available
on the web site in PDF format

NLS has placed an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of its English-
language free library service application for individuals on
its public web site at

The application is at the end of a three-link trail leading
from the home page link "Sign Up" to an explanation page for
PDF files to the application itself.  The application can
also be found when using the site map.  The text link "PDF
files for keyboard fillable application" appears under "Sign

The Adobe Acrobat Reader, version five and higher, that is
provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated, will provide screen
reader access to documents and the ability to enter
information from a computer keyboard.  A link to download
the current Adobe Acrobat Reader is included on the NLS page
explaining PDF files.  Screen reader access to the form
requires the current version of the Acrobat Reader and
current versions of screen reading software.  Since
application forms in PDF format that are readable and
fillable are new, many individuals using assistive
technology might have a learning curve when taking advantage
of this form of access.  Users may need to review
documentation provided by the screen reader manufacturer or
work with the support services of the manufacturer.

Once the form is completed using the keyboard, individuals
may print the form with the print function of the browser,
have it certified if applicable, and submit it to the
appropriate agency.  Users may also simply print the blank
form and complete it using a pen.

For further information contact:

Thomas J. Martin
Assistant Chief, Network Division