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<value id="84a1700" xsi:type="xsd:string">international affairs </value>


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> > I disagree with this premise, upon which most of the discussion ...
> > All we need to do is tell the client that the term is part of a
> > thesaurus, which thesaurus, and a link to that thesaurus (be it an

> I disagree that you are disagreeing here :)  The main point is that a
> direct link is needed.  I am saying that more than one link should be
> possible.  If the client constructs a search out of a scan line it may
> produce imprecise results so direct links are necessary.

I agree that that I was not disagreeing then :)

I've put up a quick implementation of what I've proposed:

This returns links to the Unesco thesaurus used.
In XSL I turn that into a zthes.term exact search.

Which by clicking on, you get the term in the Zthes schema.

This could be done by a more sophisticated client internally to produce
the results that Joe and Jannifer are looking for.

Issues that I've found:

It's impossible to extract the index and relation from
echoedRequest/clause.  Either this needs to be transformed into the XCQL
equivalent, or we need to use something like what Ralph suggested of
making the information carried by the relation into a separate parameter.

I favour returning the XCQL as it's easy to pick apart with XSL and we
then don't need to return X/CQL for every term.  I think that this could
be done for searchRetrieveResponse/echoedRequest as well, but that's
another story.


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