May I request that from now on, if you have a proposal for 1.1, (1) please
send it with a relevant subject, (2) please use that subject for all
discussion of that proposal, and (3) restrict the use of that subject to
discussion of that proposal.

That way, I can put a link in the proposal table to the originating message
(in the archive) and you can scroll through the messages for that topic --
there's a button on the archive page. Assuming you can get to the archive --
if you have trouble let me know.

If you think this is an unreasonable approach (exercising some discipline
with subjects) please let me know and I'll try to come up with another way to
manage this, but this way is easiest for me. And I  realize that there's a
problem with Theo's use of "Betr" and I don't quite know what to do about
that except provide dual links.

Robert Sanderson wrote:

> > I want to add another proposal for that proposal list. In SRU there is
> > need to specify the URL to a xsl stylesheet in the request parameters.
> With what proposed functionality?
> There are two options:
> A)  The server does the XSL processing.
> B)  The client does the XSL processing.
> A)  The response is no longer SRU.  What you're doing is layering an XSL
> engine over top of SRU - the client never sees the SRU XML, just the
> transformed XML/HTML.  That's not part of SRU IMO.
> B)  If the client is doing the processing, then why does it need to send
> the stylesheet, just to have it sent back?  If it's to put it in the
> xml-stylesheet header, then either:
>   B1) The server needs to copy the style sheet to a local location and
> change the URL appropriately
>   B2) The client needs to accept cross-site scripting, which is a gaping
> security issue as XSLT is capable of doing a lot of clever things that
> could be potentially abused. Mozilla will reject any attempt at
> such cross-site scripting. IE makes you sign your own death sentence in a
> popup.
> None of these options seem particularly worthwhile -as part of SRU-, IMO.
> Useful in general, but not as part of the standard as there are so many
> things that people might want to do, and ways in which they might want to
> do them.
> Rob
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