For those Fellows and other interested parties in the
DC area.

Mel Sanchez, a teacher at Santa Ana High School and
American Memory Fellow for 1998, has been invited by
the Irish Arts Festival of Washington DC in
conjunction with the National Archives to speak at the
National Archives on Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at 7 pm.
Mr. Sanchez’ topic will be the St. Patrick’s Battalion
of the Mexican American War.  Mr. Sanchez is a teacher
of Mexican American Studies at Santa Ana High School
and a 5 time National Endowment for the Humanities
(NEH) Scholar most recently studying with Dr. Timothy
Meagher of Catholic University of America in
Washington DC.  Professor Meagher led a NEH seminar on
Irish Famine Immigrants that studied this past summer
for 3 weeks in Ireland and for 3 weeks in Washington
DC.  Mr. Sanchez did research in the National Archives
of both Ireland and of Washington DC on the Irish
Famine and subsequent immigration to the United
States.  Some of these immigrants later became part of
the St. Patrick’s Battalion.  The lecture will include
a mulitimedia presentation.  This event is free and
open to the public

More information may be obtained from the National
Archives website:

And Irish Arts Festival website:

Mel Sanchez
Santa Ana High School
520 W. Walnut
Santa Ana, CA  92701
fax 714-567-4952

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