I have encountered a problem that is really stumping me:

I created an EAD finding aid and a stylesheet that transforms the XML into
HMTL and uploaded them to our web server.  I am able to sucessfully view
the XML document using IE 6.0 (or IE 5.5 if it has the MSXML parser
loaded), but when I try to view it using Netscape 7.0, it appears as if the
browser is not accessing the stylesheet.  The finding aid displays as a
string of text with no formatting.  You can view it yourself if you point
your browser to  (to
see how it is supposed to look, point your browser to the HTML version at ).

The strange thing is, when I was working on the finding aid on my hard
drive, I was able to use Netscape 7.0 to view it with no problem.  However,
once I uploaded it to the web server, it no longer worked!  I can't
understand why Netscape would be behaving differently with a document on my
hard drive as opposed to a document on the server.

Anyone got any ideas?

--Lara Friedman-Shedlov

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