Dear Lara

(Apologies if you've already seen this - had a bit of trouble posting to
the list!)

One reason for different behaviour when Mozilla renders network rather
than local files may be to do with the Content Type in the HTTP header:
is your web server configured to dish up .xml files as text/xml, or is
it defaulting to text/html or text/plain? In the latter case I
understand Mozilla will not treat the file to any sort of parsing.

Comparing Mozilla/View/Page Info on the two URLs you gave suggests that
the XML file is being output with no Content Type headers. The html
version shows correctly as text/html. Your Webmeister may need to look
into this.

It is equally true that Mozilla can behave quirkily at times with XML
files - I have some CGI-generated XML (definitely using the right
Content Type, text/xml) and sometimes it will display in XML tree mode,
sometimes not. Sometimes a reload or two will result in a different view.

Netscape 7.x versions, by the way, more or less shadow Mozilla 1.0.x -
there have been considerable improvements to Mozilla since then, and I
find 1.3 (currently in Beta) is extremely stable and growing some nice
extra features.

Good luck

Richard Davis
Digital Archives
University of London Computer Centre

Lara Friedman-Shedlov wrote:
> Yes, when I use Mozilla 1.2.1 (for Windows) to view the copy of the XML
> finding aid on my hard drive it works fine, but when I use Mozilla to view
> the copy on the server, it shows nothing.  I'm not surprised, because
> Netscape is basically a gussied up version of Mozilla.
> Still hoping someone out there has an idea why there should be a difference
> between viewing the copy on the hard drive and the version on the server . . .
> --Lara Friedman-Shedlov