The Department of the Army is looking for five (5) dynamic, forward-thinking, energetic librarians interested in a twelve-month developmental program designed to broaden technical skills and competencies through extensive formal training and on-the-job training.   Graduates of the training program have worldwide employment opportunities in the 275 libraries that make up the Army Library Program.   Training will be conducted in all types of Army libraries including technical, medical, academic, and general at various US locations.     On-the-job training will focus on the Army, its community, culture and information needs, and on major library functions, e.g., management, public services, technical services, and systems.   Training is designed to enhance knowledge of new technologies, build forward thinking concepts, and allow for participation in digital reference, knowledge management, distance learning and other projects designed to support the Army.   In addition to taking courses on Army organization, knowledge management, and Web technologies, trainees may also have the opportunity to attend national library conferences (American Library Association, Special Library Association, Medical Library Association, Computers in Libraries, etc.) and other professional development events (Army Library Institute, Military Librarians' Workshop).   

The primary work locations are Alexandria, VA;  Hampton, VA;  San Antonio, TX and Honolulu, HI.    The training plan will provide all candidates with a broad overview of the Army Library Program, work experience in several types of Army libraries, and concentrated experience at the primary work location.     For example, the candidate selected for the Headquarters, US Army Materiel Command in Alexandria, VA  will focus on technical libraries.  These libraries support scientists, engineers, researchers, and managers in a wide variety of subject areas, such as, biological, chemical, munitions, aviation and missile technology, electronics, environmental sciences, and human factors engineering.    The candidates (2) selected for the Headquarters, Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA will focus on academic libraries that support the 30 schools of advanced military training in artillery (Ft. Sill, OK), armor (Ft. Knox, KY), infantry (Ft. Benning, GA), signal (Ft. Gordon, GA), etc.   Medical librarianship is the focus at Fort Sam Houston, TX, the home of Army medicine.   Library training will consist primarily of rotation through various library functions in an academic medical library (Stimson Library) and clinical library (Brooke Army Medical Center).  Stimson Library serves as the library automation hub for the 11 libraries in the Great Plains Regional Medical Command.  Training will include administration of the Voyager Integrated Online Library System in a consortia environment, use of ENCompass software for the development of digital repositories, and participation in various indexing and abstracting projects.   General libraries will be the focus at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.  The Army operates approximately 100 general libraries on Army installations in the US, Germany, Italy, and Korea.  These libraries have the broadest mission of all Army libraries.  They provide the soldiers, civilians, and families of the military community with mission-related reference, educational, training, and leisure-time library services and resources.   For more information about the Army Library Program go to the Digital Army Library Service (DALS) website at

The entry level is at grade GS-09 with promotion potential to GS-11.   Beginning salary is $35, 519 plus locality pay where applicable.  To apply for a trainee position, see the vacancy announcements at <> (Virginia, Texas) and at <> (Hawaii).  



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