Network Bulletin No.  03-05

       Date: February 14, 2003

       Subject: NLS Web OPAC

       Index Term: Migration from Web-BLND to Voyager Integrated Library

       NLS expects that the Library of Congress will migrate our catalog to the
       Voyager Integrated Library System in early March.  At that time a new version
       of the NLS web online public access catalog (OPAC) will become active.  The
       Voyager OPAC will be substantially different from the current Web-BLND
       OPAC.  Instructions for searching the new OPAC will be available online
       through context-sensitive help pages and search tip pages.  We also expect to
       make a text-only version of the catalog and help page available online for
       searchers using assistive technology.

       When the migration takes place, we will issue a network bulletin and listserve
       announcement and will establish links to the Voyager OPAC from the Web-
       BLND OPAC. The Web-BLND OPAC will remain available for a number of
       months following Voyager's launch but will no longer be kept up to date.

       For additional information please contact:

       Robert Axtell, Head
       Bibliographic Control Section