Other examples of religious themes in SF:

1) Michael Bishop wrote a series of stories about extraterrestrials coming
to Earth that included some discussion of how (in a Christian theological
framework) they might be saved. See his "A Little Knowledge" and "Catacomb
Years". Bishop also has a collection of short stories called "Close
Encounters With the Deity".

2) Philip Jose Farmer's "Night of Light" features a Catholic priest
confronted with a bizarre extraterrestrial religious experience.

3) Religion is all over Gene Wolfe's stories. Some of his short stories
("The Detective of Dreams", "Westwind", "La Befana", "Queen", "The Seraph
from Its Sepulchre", etc.) are quite explicitly religious. But everything
he writes is suffused with themes that come out of his Catholicism. The
same can be said for much of R. A. Lafferty's work.



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