Dennis Fischer wrote:
> I just finished reading Maureen F. McHugh's China Mountain Zhang
> [snipped review]

Hm. I actually liked the story when I read it - better than your review
seems to indicate you did. I thought McHugh's style was refreshing, and
had no trouble with the switching viewpoints. The story isn't strong on
plot, but that's OK, if you're not looking for standard pulp SF treatment.
Zhang's struggle with himself is well written, in my opinion.

I also felt that McHugh's treatment of this speculative future was well
done. McHugh isn't aiming for a rant against communism. She's writing
about an inhabitant of a possible future. That this inhabitant happens
to be gay isn't really any more a communist problem than, say, a gay
school teacher or a gay military officer in 21st C USA would be a
capitalist problem.

Anyway, I read that book a few years ago. (At least it seems to me that
it came out about five years ago.) I'd have to read it again to be more
Helge Moulding
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