David Wright wrote:

>      A Patron is describing a book that seems very much like Philip K
> Dick's "The Man in the High Castle" to me, but they seem convinced
> that this is not the book.  Perhaps one of you geniuses can help me
> out.
>      Alternative History from the 70's or before, Old Man stumbles
> onto Alternative world, Nazis Won, Japan protecting Christians that
> the Reich wants to execute, seems to recall book cover with Statue of
> Liberty and Swastikas (I've done book cover searches on the Dick book,
> and find things very close to this...) PLUS - they have 'It Did Happen
> Here' in their head (possible confusion with 1966 movie 'It Happened
> Here.')
>      So you see my dilemma.  I'd swear that it is "The Man in the High
> Castle" they're fixated on, but they disagree.  Before I try to
> establish just what drugs did to their brain in the past 30 years,
> does anyone recall a book that fits?
>      David Wright
>      Seattle Public Library

Might be the 1952 novel "The Sound of His Horn" by Sarban, which was the
nom de plume of John W. Wall (1910-1989).

But it's possible your patron is thinking not of the 1966 Kevin Brownlow
film "It Happened Here" [], but
rather of the book "How It Happened Here," also by Kevin Brownlow

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