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Subject: Re: Redemption and People of the Antipodes and ET's

Although not directly related to sf, someone on another list suggested
I ask sf-lit folks this question about ET's and religion.  If anyone
has written any sf or f about the topic of salvation and ET's, please
let me know.  Thanks!  Here's the original posting:

Well there's Case of Conscience by James BLish that features a Jesuit
missionary and a race of ETs without original sin.
Along with the Jesuits in space theme there is Maria Doria Russell's books
Sparrow? and Children of God.
Patrick O'leary's Door Number Three has some interesting ruminations about
Et's and religion.
Dan Simmons in his Hyperion Cantos has an interesting take on a future
Catholic Church whose theology is no longer scholastic  but vitalist,
goodbye Aquinas, hello DeChardin.
You might also want to look at some short story collections like Perpetual
Light, Afterlives and Orson Scott Card's Cruel Miracles.
Phillip K. Dick has some interesting takes with ETs, religion and salvation.
If you don't mind his Manichean slant check out Divine Invasion, Valis, The
Galactic Pot Healer, and Clans of the Alphane Moon where a sentient slime
mold extols the virtues of caritas.

I know I have more sf on this topic I'll keep looking.  I also have some
journal articles and various texts on the topic, but your friend has
probably looked at the academic stuff.