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>I am only slightly acquainted with Catholic theology
>and can be of no use in that respect.  Your question
>brings to mind two short sf stories that relate to the
>subject.   I'm not next to our collection at the
>moment but I remember a Ray Bradbury story of an
>Ahab-like (or perhaps Herod-like)space captain
>following a Christ-like figure from planet to planet
>and always missing him.  I think it is called "THE
>MAN".  There is also a story involving a missionary to
>ETs who brings the traditional message of death and
>redemption to ETs, and ends with him being crucified
>by the empirically-minded ETs.  Don't remeber the
>author title but suspect that it may well be by Zelazny.

Thanks for the reply.  The three Zelazny novesl I have in my religious
sf bibliography are LORD OF LIGHT, THIS IMMORTAL, and with Philip K.
Dick DEUS IRAE.  Is it one of these novels you are thinking of?

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