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>>Although not directly related to sf, someone on another list suggested
>>I ask sf-lit folks this question about ET's and religion.  If anyone
>>has written any sf or f about the topic of salvation and ET's, please
>>let me know.  Thanks!  Here's the original posting:

>Well there's Case of Conscience by James BLish that features a Jesuit
>missionary and a race of ETs without original sin.
>Along with the Jesuits in space theme there is Maria Doria Russell's books
>Sparrow? and Children of God.
>Patrick O'leary's Door Number Three has some interesting ruminations about
>Et's and religion.
>Dan Simmons in his Hyperion Cantos has an interesting take on a future
>Catholic Church whose theology is no longer scholastic  but vitalist,
>goodbye Aquinas, hello DeChardin.
>You might also want to look at some short story collections like Perpetual
>Light, Afterlives and Orson Scott Card's Cruel Miracles.
>Phillip K. Dick has some interesting takes with ETs, religion and salvation.
>If you don't mind his Manichean slant check out Divine Invasion, Valis, The
>Galactic Pot Healer, and Clans of the Alphane Moon where a sentient slime
>mold extols the virtues of caritas.

Thanks for the reply.  I'm familiar with Russell and Blish and Simmons
but not O'Leary or Card, and I have also read some Dick.  Can you
supply in specific titles by Dick?  Also, are PERPETUAL LIGHT and
AFTERLIVES anthologies, and, if so, who are the editors?  Thanks.

>I know I have more sf on this topic I'll keep looking.  I also have some
>journal articles and various texts on the topic, but your friend has
>probably looked at the academic stuff.

I have quite a bit of academic stuff but am always looking for more.
If you have any suggestions for academic reading, please send it my
way!  Thanks again.


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