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Friday, February 8th, 2003.

One Hundred seventy-five years ago, in 1828, Jules Verne was born in 
Nantes (France).

The North American Jules Verne Society had planned to hold its annual 
meeting in Tampa, Florida, from May 9-11. The site was chosen because it 
was launching place of the fictional first manned trip to the moon in 1865, 
as recounted in Verne's novel De la terre  la lune (From the Earth to the 
Moon). The selection has acquired an unexpected dimension after the 
Columbia shuttle tragedy.

All Verne enthusiasts are welcome to join us, and see our brand-new 
website,, for more information.

Jules Verne, the most translated novelist in the world, is still read, 
studied, and published everywhere, especially in the United States.

Several publications are taking place at the beginning of the 21st century.

The society itself has sponsored the first translation of Verne's only 
science fiction play, to be published in May by Prometheous Books, Journey 
Through the Impossible. (This will also be the first complete edition of 
this work published anywhere in the world).

Many other Verne books have appeared or are appearing shortly in English 
for the very first time. These include:

    * The Early Science Fiction collection (Wesleyan Press) includes Verne's

- The Mighty Orinoco (1st English translation),

- The Invasion of the Sea (1st English translation),

- Mysterious Island (1st really truly unabridged and complete English 
translation, unlike reprints of the standard 1870s translation),

    *  Magellania (1st English translation) novel, Welcome Rain Publishers

    * The Knights of Daffordil (1st English translation), play available 
online at

Indeed, 175 years after his birth, and with with the centenary of his death 
in 1905 looming in two years, Jules Verne is becoming perhaps better known 
to readers than he ever was.

For more on Verne, see the world's most comprehensive Verne website,, or join the Jules Verne Forum listserve (for 
information see

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