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Subject: ANN: 2003 Folklife Field School at Salisbury University, Salisbury,
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Rebecca Brooks
Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture
Salisbury University
1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, MD  21801
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The 2003 Folklife Field School
--An Opportunity for Hands-On, Site-Specific Learning about
Cultural Documentation, Preservation, and Presentation

Salisbury University and the American Folklife Center of the Library of
Congress are pleased to announce their joint sponsorship of the 2003
Folklife Field School at Salisbury University and Crisfield, Maryland,
from June 13 to July 3, 2003.  (Application deadline is April 25, 2003.
Applicants must be 18 or older.)

Here is an invitation to apply to participate in the 2003 Folklife
Field School, an intensive, three-week course in professional techniques
for cultural documentation--interviewing, field recording, photography,
ethnographic writing, project planning, research ethics, computer
applications, archiving, and the creation of educational materials from
field materials.

A team of seasoned cultural specialists will provide instruction
through lectures, demonstrations, discussion, and hands-on practice in
university classrooms and at the field site--Crisfield, Maryland, a
small maritime community located on the shores of beautiful Chesapeake
Bay.  This year's School is based on the theme, "The Passing of
Tradition and the Passing of Time:  Exploring a Maritime Community's
Response to Cultural, Economic, and Environmental Change."  This year's
participants may make their materials available to the Smithsonian
Institution's Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage for use in the
development of a program on Mid-Atlantic Maritime Communities in
Transition, slated for the 2004 Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the
Mall.  Over a million people visit the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
each year.

The Folklife Field School is designed for adults who have a strong
professional, academic, personal or artistic interest in cultural
documentation but little or no training or experience in its techniques.
  Museum workers, librarians, teachers, agency and charitable
organization professionals, local historians, community officials, and
university graduate or undergraduate students will find uses for this
training in their professional lives and in their communities.  Fifteen
participants will be selected from the pool of applicants.  Preference
will be given to residents of the Middle Atlantic, including residents
of Maryland, the Delmarva Peninsula, and the Chesapeake Bay region.
Women and members of minority groups are especially encouraged to apply.
  Academic credit is available.

The 2003 Folklife Field School is made possible through the financial
support of Salisbury University; the American Folklife Center of the
Library of Congress; Maryland Traditions (a collaborative program of the
Maryland State Arts Council and the Maryland Historical Trust with
support from the National Endowment of the Arts); the University of
Maryland Eastern Shore Rural Development Program; and private

Dates and Locations:  June 13-July 3, 2003, Salisbury University and
Crisfield, MD.

Cost:  $750, with scholarship subventions available.  The fee covers
instruction, living costs, equipment use, travel to and from the field
site, and course materials.  The fee will be due upon selection for the

For more information, write or call Dr. Polly Stewart, Department of
English, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD  21801, (410)-548-4241,
[log in to unmask], or Dr. David A. Taylor, American Folklife
Center, Library of Congress, Washington, DC  20540-8100, (202) 707-1737,
[log in to unmask]

Fill out and return the completed application form below by April 25,
2003.  Click the reply button, fill in the blanks and e-mail it to
[log in to unmask]; or make a photocopy and mail it to Dr. Polly
Stewart, Department of English, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD
21801; or fax a photocopy c/o Dr. Stewart at 410-548-2142.
Application Form
The 2003 Folklife Field School

The Passing of Tradition and the Passing of Time:  Exploring a Maritime
Community's Response to Cultural, Economic, and Environmental Change




e-mail address


Why are you interested in this course?

How might the training this course provides assist you in your

Please describe previous training or experience (if any) in cultural


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