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>In a few weeks, I am giving a presentation to language arts teachers,
>grades 4--12, on the American Memory Collections. The focus of the
>conference is on language arts and history. My session will be on how
>documents from the AM collection can be used in the language arts
>Do you have any favorite AM documents or lessons that you use with
>in the language arts curriculum?

My colleagues and I have been using immigration documents from the Life
Histories for years with 4th graders to create found poetry.  You can see
the lesson (a revised version of the one I did as fellow which is on the
Learning Page) along with student work from 1999 at:

Then you can see the students work from 2000 at:

A colleague who has done something a bit different with the lesson has her
class and their work at:

Also, my book Seeking History comes with a CD with students talking about
their process of creating the poems and collages.

This project has become a part of our 4th grade curriculum and most of the
classes (we have 5 sections) do it yearly.  I've just not put the results
on the web for a few years.


Monica Edinger
The Dalton School
New York NY
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