On 05/03/03, Claudia Depkin wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a cassette deck that will be gentle with old and
> potentially valuable cassette tapes?

I have been very satisfied with the Tascam 122 Mk III.

It's expensive, designed for studio use, and has an excellent transport.
I have been using it to transfer 20 year old cassettes to CD.

The tapes I have transferred sound better than I remember them sounding
on the original decks they were recorded on. However, you have to
remember that calibration of the Dolby circuitry can vary from one deck
to another. If the playback deck is correctly adjusted but the recording
deck was not, sound quality may seem poor.

IMO this accounts for the divergent opinions on the sound of this and
other decks found in on-line reviews.

Dolby C will give more trouble than Dolby B.

The Nakamichi Dragon is often recommended as it has automatic azimuth
correction. However these are only available second hand.

Don Cox
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