At 02:06 PM 3/6/2003 -0500, Farrington, Jim wrote:
>The notion of creating a database of extant equipment has been discussed by
>the National Recordings Preservation Board, but no plans are in place to
>implement it. It is on the radar screen, however.

While I will never say that I'm speaking for everyone...or even
representing a consensus...I've managed to collect some equipment I
consider very good for the task of reproducing a wide variety of
tapes...and you can check out what it is at

I placed that up on the Web partially to let people know what I had
available to use on their tapes but also to serve as a starter for those
wanting to set up their own suites.

With good tape machines going for 3-4 cents on the dollar today, I say buy
them up before all the good ones are gone and all we have left are those
that should go to the landfill.

Sadly, I fear some good machines are going to the landfill, too.