At 08:14 AM 3/18/2003 -0800, Mike Richter wrote:

>Would the result have been similar for ... Sony's El-Cassette for audio?

Just so it shows up in an archive search, it's Elcaset ...

I always thought of those Quick-draw McGraw cartoons of El-kabong when I
heard Elcaset!

Anyway, since I don't believe that the data track was ever implemented in a
commercial player, a four-channel 1/4-inch analog player should play the
Elcaset tapes just fine. While I haven't trasnferred an Elcaset yet, I have
transferred some of the old RCA cartridges. The difference is:
   RCA                         Elcaset
          L--->                         L--->
          <---R                        R--->   Data resides between 2 Rs
          R--->                        <---R
          <---L                        <---L

HOWEVER, this ease of access is not necessarily true of digital formats.