I've noticed this too about Roxio 5. I tend to master a little extra
treble to help compensate for the loss, but it's not quite the same.
    The discussion of burners has been very helpful to me. Does anyone
have recommendations for software?


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Has anyone checked for differences in audio quality between the
original and
the copy?  I've notices recognizible changes caused by CD writing
that is often blamed on the writer.

I'm now well convinced that Roxio 5, full version, whatever they call
"softens" some attacks and spreds some notes in lower frequencies.  I
tighter sound that more accurately reflects what I hear when playing
back a
Sound Forge sound file from Magix Audio Cleaing Lab 3.0.

What we hear is subjective and often does not show up in anything that
be measured.  Nevertheless, I've done serious a/b testing here enough
convice me to change.

I've not seen this issue addressed elsewhere.

Steve Smolian
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> There is no Better then Plextor!!! They are the only drives you can
> actually send in to be rebuilt, the quality it absolutely top notch.
> wouldn't use anything but a plextor for audio.
> Dave Meyers
> Overkill audio inc.
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> I love plextor drives for audio
> Doug Boyd
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> Kentucky Oral History Commission
> Kentucky Historical Society
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> Hi,
> Anybody have a recommendation for an internal or external PC CD
> It will be used with a PC running Windows 2000, must be able to do
> disk-at-once, and should have a good track record for burning audio
> Mitsui golds.
> Thanks in advance,
> andy
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