At 03:33 PM 3/20/2003 -0500, James L Wolf wrote:

>Similarly, Steve seems to be suggesting that there could be other
>factors in the conversion from wav. to CD-audio that aren't picked up by
>the current tools of measurement, but which he can hear. Or if he's not
>suggesting that, I am.

There is nothing subjective in this particular aspect. I am one of those
who has the tools (and still the hearing) to demonstrate what digital
recording did to analogue. I may be a Luddite in some respects, but not in
this one.

The issue in the particular case in question is the conversion of a
"redbook" file to a Compact Disc - Digital Audio (CD-DA) bitstream. The
bits are re-ordered and recorded. In digital extraction, those bits are
restored to their original sequence. I have used appropriate hardware and
software to extract a WAV file corresponding to the one I recorded. The two
files are identical as determined by comparing them byte-for-byte.

There is nothing about hearing involved at all. Whatever one may say about
digital recording, tests such as this are simple and definitive within the
digital domain. When the question deals with DAC, with hardware performance
on CD-R compared with pressed discs and related matters, the issue does
include factors such as Steve and James suggest. But as far as the software
modifying the bitstream from redbook audio to CD-DA, there simply is no issue.

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