Dear Michael and List,

As a recent MLIS grad (Masters of Library & Information Science), I am a bit
biased, but I believe such a degree has great potential in developing one's
skills and professional capacity as an archivist. I say "potential" because
different MLS, MLIS, or equivalent masters degree programs have different
strengths and foci: public libraries, information systems, archival studies,
and so on. For example, UCLA has a children's librarian course of study, as
well as an archival studies program and a budding Moving Image Archival
Studies program [For an overview of accredited ALA (American Library
Association) programs go here: For
specific information about archival education, try this link:]

With that said, I don't think an archive-focused MLIS is going to give one
all the skills an archivist will need, especially in such a technologically
dependent field as ours. Real world experience and/or another degree with a
relevant subject specialization will do much to bolster one's grasp of
archival theory and-most importantly-practice.

I hope that helps.

John Vallier, Archivist
UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive
1630 Schoenberg Music Building, Box 951657
Los Angeles, California 90095-1657
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