At 07:59 PM 3/2/2003, you wrote:
>This is not the place to discuss other, somewhat related (maybe)
>technologies.  This is an audio list.
>Many of us who participate are self-employed professionals.  We enter
>discussions related to our professional and audio interests to share our
>knowledge and experience with others and to be enlightened in turn.
>The time it takes to scan messages concerning barely related fields is
>lost work time.  Even filtering out those by particular people doesn't
>work as the responses to their postings show up.
>Many of us with discographic interests, myself included, have unsubscribed
>from 78-C as a result of its overly chatty nature-often wildly off topic,
>political tirades and general blather.  The cost of fresh input, to me
>anyway, was simply not worth plowing through the morass.
>Don't let this happen here.  Please keep this list focussed.

I do agree with you 100% Steve. However, this particular post is relevant.
Simply replace the word book with recording. It is only a matter of time
before a formal effort is made to do the same thing with sound recordings.

In fact, I have proposed a similar idea:

Why should several archives spend valuable time, money and resources
digitizing the same audio media? For instance, if I am not mistaken UCSB
and Belfer are both planning to use Archeophones to tranfer their cylinder
collections. What a job! But if Susan has a clean copy of EdBA 4400 and she
transfers it, why can't she make an entry in a database saying

EDBA 4400 take A transferred at 160 rpm, flat eq, 3.5 conical stylus,
cylinder condition excellent (or poor)

Then David can skip 4400 and transfer 4401 which isn't in the master
database. Or if Susan copied a poor cylinder, then David can upgrade 4400
with an M- cylinder.

I'm not suggesting that the tunes be made available - that's a decision the
lawyers can deal with - I am simply saying let's spend our resources
wisely. In any event, I would think that if a given institution owns a copy
of a given recording in the database, then the master transfer could
legally be made available to them.

Eventually, you would have Audio Alexandria!

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