Many of you know that Mary Bucknam is the webmaster of this list, and we
are all grateful for the headaches she's taken on in smoothing out the
transitions when the list moved from Rochester to LC. David Seubert (at
UCSB) and I are co-moderators of the list and we've generally taken a
hands-off approach regarding content or the free-exchange of ideas.
However, we feel it's worth making some suggestions that might help us
alleviate some of the problems that have cropped up recently. Please
note th following:

1) When posting notices about articles, we should follow Paul Jackson's
suggestion to "simply state the topic and give a link to the article,
rather than the whole article, which by the way, might constitute
copyright violations in that it is tantamount to re-publication if done
without permission."

2) Please stay on-topic. If the thread wanders, please indicate the new
topic in the subject field. This will help those who are time-pressed
and decide to read or delete based on a quick glance.

3) When replying to a long message, there's no need to copy the entire
previous posting. Only copy the portion that is most relevant to your

4) Please maintain civility. This is a public list and we need to make
our points in a professional manner without resorting to language that
is insulting or abusive.

Larry Appelbaum

Larry Appelbaum
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