From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

> On 05/03/03, Claudia Depkin wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a cassette deck that will be gentle with
> old and potentially valuable cassette tapes?

I have used a very gentle machine, the Sony Professional
Walkman. However, it is fiddly to adjust azimuth and to clean after
sticky shed.

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other opinions:
> I have been very satisfied with the Tascam 122 Mk III.
> It's expensive, designed for studio use, and has an excellent
> transport. I have been using it to transfer 20 year old cassettes to
> CD.   -- Don Cox


> I personally prefer the Nakamichi decks they have the best tape
> handling of any deck I have seen. I use a 680ZX and its great.
 -- Dave Meyers