From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

I don't have time to browse the NYT or other electronic media for
that matter, and so I appreciate someone serving it up for me. I
also appreciate philosophical issues, because if we are not to be
merely hoarders but reflecting collectors, then we need some food
for thought. In particular when we think we are fit to advise more or
less substantial archives on what to do. It is not all about some
dealer's new main bearing.

The list is the ARSClist, and not someone's hobbyhorse. I think
that it could be useful to have an official discussion during the
upcoming ARSC Annual Conference. At least that will force people
to be insulting to each other's faces instead of hiding behind a
cloak of internet anonymity. Enough for now.

Kind regards,



> >I shall continue to post articles on copyrights and other subjects
> >pertaining to sound recordings that should be of interest to the ARSC
> >community generally, even though they may rarely concern audio
> >restoration. (I will be not be forwarding articles for the forty days
> >and forty nights of Lent, as is my annual wont.) I am sorry if these
> >articles are of so little interest to some that they are driven from
> >the list, though I rarely send more than one or two a day. But the
> >interests of the wider ARSC community must take priority.
> Personally, I appreciate Frank's article posts. They have been very
> informative, and it is unlikely that I would have run across them
> elsewhere.
> Kurt & Diane Nauck


> You are apparently acting as a self-appointed educator of the >
ARSC community, and offending people as a result.
> if you want, I suggest you form a mail list tentatively called
ARSC-> 101 and seek those who find your input and posts useful.

> ... Graham Newton