Joel wrote:
  <Once the music is on a server (presumably on a hard disk) why would
it necessarily need to be migrated? SCSI drives have built in error
correction, and the data could be mirrored on another hard disk for
security. Isn't this the most likely long-term data storage solution,
bar none?>

The IT people tell us so, but they also tell us 'likely' doesn't mean
'guaranteed.' They say we can't count on any hardware, like SCSI drives
and the ports, or the corresponding software to see/hear the data, being
around in the future. To me, a constantly evolving technology means the
information has to be able to migrate forever.  (Science guy at CU tells
me they're working on biological memory system that would allow us to
eat the whole library and play it back by reading saliva.)

If plan is for all copies to reside on server, advice we've received is
to have at least one other server located someplace else that also
contains the information, to protect against catastrophic loss of
machine. (fire, flood, acts of war).

Please let me know if you have any strong data on long-term viability of
storing audio on servers that might put federal granting organizations
at ease. Even the LOC digitization project doesn't seem to adequately
appease preservation folks.

Sue Salinger
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