A while ago, a question was asked about music heard on a variety of cartoons
that were seen frequently on TV and have been issued in "collections" of
early cartoons.  I've posted mp3's of them on my website and four out of
nine have been identified by some very knowledgeable collectors including
Vincent Fitzpatrick, John Wilby, Piet Schreuders (Beauhunks), David Lennick,
and Vince Giordano (BMG).

Apparently vocals were cut out for the cartoon use, which added to the
confusion, and were definitely a surprise, although it makes ultimate sense.

So far these have been ID'd:-
George Olsen, "Where'd You Get Those Eyes."  Victor, 1926.
The vocal has been cut out.  It would have started at 1:32.
George Olsen.  Victor.  "Just a Little Thing Called Rhythm."
The vocal is cut out at 1:30.
"Meadowlark."  George Olsen, on Victor, 1926
"Dancing Shadows", band is Paul Whiteman.  The sax solo
is by Frank Trumbauer.

I think they could turn out to be ALL from Victor.  I believe for a while
they were licensing their commercially released recording material to anyone
who wanted to pay to use it, which is how some of it appeared in cartoons
that otherwise wouldn't have had a sound track.  Much cheaper than hiring a
composer and an orchestra to write music to fit the picture!

These were copied from tracks of cartoons, probably originally silent, that
had a sound track added later to extend their marketability as sound became
the standard.

The following tunes are as yet still unidentified... please listen to them
and see if anything sounds familiar:-

... Graham Newton

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