Nakamichi made the best front loaded decks ever made, the model 1000 I
think was the top of the line and the model 700 was very popular as


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A variant of the earlier question. The deck MUST be front loading - as
in - the heads are mounted in the back or the side of the machine, the
cassette gets inserted from the front, in a similar fashion to the way a
VHS tape goes into a VHS cassette player. There were several car stereos
that performed in this fashion. Any suggestions of a studio machine that
was configured this way - or a super top end car stereo that can be

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Hi, Claudia,

Gentle is part of the story. Sounds good is the other part. I am
convinced...and I've spent my money in this direction...that the
absolute best reproduction of cassettes can be had by one and only one
the Nakamichi Dragon (well, there was an even more high-end model..but)

The reason for this is that the Dragon is the only machine that
automatically adjusts playback azimuth for each and every tape USING

I wanted a varispeed cassette machine and just got a Nakamichi MR-1 and
while it sounds good, it doesn't sound as clean as a Dragon.

The only real way to get these is on eBay...then send them to the
Nakamichi depot in Long Beach California for a complete overhaul. Expect
to spend about $1200 or so for the whole deal.

I wish there was a better answer.


Richard (tho the Dragons show as

At 02:42 PM 3/5/2003 -0500, Claudia Depkin wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a cassette deck that will be gentle with old and
>potentially valuable cassette tapes? Thanks.
>Claudia Depkin
>Project Manager, Wilson Processing Project for Performing Arts
>The New York Public Library
>(212) 714-8507