I know this is off-topic on and audio list but audio enthusiasts are
generally more concerned with preservation than video enthusiasts and I'm
wondering if someone on the list may be able to help out with a video

I am currently working on a restoration project dealing with, among a
diverse grouping of audio and video formats, hundreds of 1/2" EIAJ open-reel
videos.  We have currently used up all our spare 60 minute (7", small hub)
empty reels to replace damaged reels in this and other collections- we still
have plenty of 30 min reels.

I am hoping someone on the list either has, or may know someone who has,
some spare 7", small hub reels for 60 minute open-reel EIAJ video tapes they
are willing to part with.  Our immediate need is only for a couple of extra
reels but if you have more, great.

Please contact me off-list at [log in to unmask] .


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