I would be pleased to visit with you about your appraisal project, but I
will be out of the office until after Tuesday afternoon. In terms of
scheduling, I ordinarily work with a schedule of appraisals about a month
out, an pre-April-15 is a busy time. In terms of costs, the better the
existing inventory, the less time required for an appraiser's work. If there
is an accurate written inventory, I would be able to provide a range of fees
and a range of value, without obligation. I have prepared numerous
appraisals of large sound recordings of various formats, some high profile.
There are a lot of answers to questions about appraisals on our website at There is an on-line form there for you to request us to send
you information of various sorts about appraisal procedures and standards,
and there is an on-line questionnaire for you to let me know a little more
about the project itself. I will ask our office to send you our brochure.
The information below, in addition to our web site, will help you to know
who I am and what I do as an appraiser. Hope to visit with you soon about
the appraisal project. Good luck.

Sincerely yours,

Steve Johnson

. . . when you need to know the REAL value of your
audiovisual recorded media . . .

Dr Steve Johnson, ASA, ISA CAPP, AAA, AOA CM
     Behavioral Images, Incorporated
     Suite #101, The Appraisal Center
     302 Leland St., Bloomington IL 61701-5646

Certified financial appraisal of all audiovisual recorded media for any
purpose and function: Motion picture film, sound recordings, photographs,
video, since 1976. Expert consulting services, litigation support, advice
and counsel

email: [log in to unmask]
24-hour fax.309.829.9677.        toll free fax.1.888.735.8856
Voice phone: (309) 829-3931   toll free voice phone: 1-800-988-6427
web site:

The first and only certified/accredited/senior member of all appraisal
societies relevant to my appraisal discipline:
     American Society of Appraisers,
     International Society of Appraisers,
     Appraisers Association of America,
     Association of Online Appraisers,
USPAP-qualified since 1996 (National Uniform Standards of Professional
Appraisal Practice 2002)
IMUA Insurance Appraisal Standards-qualified (Inland Marine Underwriters
Association, 2001)
Scholar, the Round Table Group adjunct faculty
Be appraised. Be very appraised. Dr Johnson is a free-lance, self-employed
He served as appraiser in numerous high profile cases, and testified in
court as expert witness, beginning in 1992, providing evidence in federal
court for the most significant media valuation cases ever tried in the US.
    The Nixon Secret White House Tapes
    The Zapruder Film of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
He is author of the first and only book in the discipline:

Caveat Lector [Read with Care]

Dr Johnson is a media-appraiser-at-large, but he is your appraiser only
after you engage him as an appraiser. This e-mail is not a considered
opinion of appraised value, and no appraiser-client relationship exists or
results from this e-mail. This e-mail is intended for informational
purposes. It is not the expression of a professional appraisal opinion and
may not be used as such.

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I have been asked to track down two or three individuals who would
be able to appraise a large collection of reel-to-reel tapes which are
stored in this general area of New York State.  If you or anyone you
know of are interested, please respond to me by email, mail or
phone, fairly soon if possible.



Susan T Stinson, Curator
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