Steven Smolian wrote:
> This picks up the CD writing program thread.
> I tried saving the two examples onto a disc. one following the other.
> It turned out that, once written in Roxio 5, even if not finalized at
> all, that Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3.1 couldn't write to the same
> disc.  This may be proprietary, it may be they use different methods
> (my suspicion.)
> I remember the early days of digital at the AES when certain people
> reappeared regularly to tell us that "bits is bits."  Then jitter,
> least significan bit and other digital ills were discovered, analyzed,
> understood and measuring equipment designed to quantify variations.  I
> suspect the same will prove the pattern with CD writing programs as
> well.
> Steve Smolian

Perhaps you could clarify jitter. Do you refer to bit jitter that is the
variation of channel bit "one" locations from their ideal location or
the variation associated with ATime?

LSB quantization issues in A-to-D and D-to-A conversion are real, but
are related to the recording or playback device. They are not a factor
in digital copying where the information is never converted to analog
form. Of course they can be a factor in recording the original digital

Quantization issues can be nullified by the use of professional
equipment having higher digital resolution than the required minimum.
Lower bits then remain at "zero" and are unused. There are also more
sophisticated tricks to nullify quantization problems.

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