Steven Smolian wrote:

> This is not the place to discuss other, somewhat related (maybe)
> technologies.  This is an audio list.
> Many of us who participate are self-employed professionals.  We enter
> discussions related to our professional and audio interests to share our
> knowledge and experience with others and to be enlightened in turn.
> The time it takes to scan messages concerning barely related fields is lost
> work time.  Even filtering out those by particular people doesn't work as the
> responses to their postings show up.
> Many of us with discographic interests, myself included, have unsubscribed
> from 78-C as a result of its overly chatty nature-often wildly off topic,
> political tirades and general blather.  The cost of fresh input, to me
> anyway, was simply not worth plowing through the morass.
> Don't let this happen here.  Please keep this list focussed.

I agree fully...  Once people like Steve and others drop off the list due
to the noise level, the list and all it's subscribers are the losers.

While an official moderator of the 78-c list, I tried to reign in the
abusers, but the noise won out... some people seem to have entirely too
much time on their hands, whereas I and certainly many others do not.

Much more of the drek that has polluted this list over the past few weeks
and I'm gone too!

... Graham Newton

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