And, thank you, Richard, too.  The reel (pun) test of these variations
is, of course, music, and since the bulk of the radio broadcasts that
I'm archiving is dialogue and sound effects with occasional music
bridges, speed changes are only really apparent in the music cues.  In
fact, as I mentioned before, even though I have a good ear for relative
pitch, I might not have caught the problem if I hadn't tried to edit
inside a music cue.

Thanks again for your input.


Richard L. Hess wrote:

> Thanks for the clarification, Rod. The extent of the speed change
> throughout a pack is variable, but it is apparently noticeable to
> some--to
> the point where beginnings and ends of a tape could not be spliced
> together
> in some projects. I never saw this even on consumer ReVox A77 machines. I
> now have all constant-tension machines and in my tape restoration work I
> haven't actually come across a problem of any significance in this
> regard.
> Cheers,
> Richard