To Whom It May Concern:

I have two superb reel-to-reel machines for sale to someone who can
appreciate their significance.

1. Ampex AG-440B with RussLang console and Tentrol system.
This machine was fully restored and reconditioned by Gene Kane
at Phoenix Audio. Gene is a factory-trained Ampex tech from the glory
days and he restored this machine to "better than new" specs. It has
every conceivable amenity including the ultra-rare and extremely
desirable Ruby tape guides. This machine has NOS Ampex heads
with less than 30 hours use on them. If I do not sell this machine via
this list it will go up on eBay and the price will escalate accordingly.

2. Ampex 351-2 with original  roll-around console. This machine
is absolutely gorgeous. It is totally unrestored and was in semi-active
duty until the mid-90's as a back-up machine. The rarity of this
machine is well-known by this point, and if your are looking to find
a truly superb analog, tube recorder this is a must see. I also reverse
engineered a later AG series remote to operate the 351. That is

3. I do NOT want to ship these machines for obvious reasons so
the ideal buyer would be willing and able to test and take possession
of these recorders personally, car, truck or van....I am in Philadelphia
and will make myself available to the buyer for pick up on an as-needed
basis, either mid-week or weekend.

Both of these machines come with AMPEX manuals and the AG-440
still has the invoice for the overhaul if I'm not mistaken.

Please make a reasonable offer on these machines, I will not consider
offers for less than $1000 USD on the 440 and $2000 USD on the 351-2.

Thank you,

Aaron Luis Levinson