It would be helpful if anecdotal claims of disaster by Mr. Warren could
be substantiated. Contrary experience at Media Sciences indicates that
CD-R discs are useful for archival storage provided that care is taken
regarding media, writer, software, handling, and storage conditions.

This is true for all archival media. Poor processes lead to poor
results, while proper processes lead to good results. CD-R discs are
advantageous for three reasons. First, they store in a digital format
complete with powerful error correction information. Second, information
retrieval does not require physical contact with the information layer.
Third, storage in jewel cases avoids contact with the information layer,
unlike film or tape. Care must always be taken not to damage the fragile
protective layer on the label side.

Results of our scientific investigations, together with other
information, are published on our web site:

J. Hartke
Media Sciences, Inc.

Richard Warren wrote:
> Since all instantaneous discs are doomed to chemical disintegration in the
> reasonably near future, we don't bother to reattach labels (the paper of
> which is often decaying and brittle) but just keep them near (in separate
> envelopes, ideally) and identified with the discs or photocopy them on
> nonacidic paper and do the same. No matter what might be used to reattach
> labels, they are likely to be shed by the exudation of whitish substance as
> the disc coating decomposes; so I guess you could say that our rationale is
> "Why waste time, money, and effort in a fruitless endeavor ?"
> Richard Warren
> At 04:54 PM 3/3/2003 -0600, you wrote:
> >A colleague at our institution has recently begun a project to clean and
> >rehouse a number of instantaneous disks in one of our libraries.
> >Unfortunately, the adhesive on many of the labels has dried, and the labels
> >have fallen off. She is interested in re-affixing the labels, and asked if
> >there was an adhesive that would be more appropriate for her to use than PVA.
> >
> >Thoughts?
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